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Kitchen Remodeling Services in Coral Gables, Florida

Updated: Apr 9

Endless Life Design Construction Company is firmly rooted in Coral Gables, Florida; and stand as a beacon of proficiency in full custom kitchen remodels and renovations projects. We seamlessly blend luxury, style, finest materials, comfort, and practicality in our mission to transform your kitchen into a space that reflects your dreams. We specialize in a rich tapestry of materials, including an array of high end quality cabinets, luxury stone countertops and floor tiles, each tailored to your unique aesthetic desires and financial considerations. Our projects—ranging from $18,000.00 to $150,000.00—are meticulously wood joinery crafted to enhance your kitchen’s functionality, efficiency and elegance, ensuring an end result that encapsulates our unwavering commitment to your complete satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

  • Leaders in kitchen remodeling Coral Gables, providing custom solutions to meet your unique needs.

  • Expertise skills in delivering style and functionality through Coral Gables kitchen remodeling.

  • Affordable and transparent kitchen renovation Coral Gables costs suitable for a range of budgets.

  • Resourceful in utilizing durable, organic and stylish materials for your kitchen remodel Coral Gables.

  • Passionate about creating new different enjoyable environments spaces that perfectly harmonize with the vibrant Kitchen Remodeling, Coral Gables FL scene.

  • Our commitment to high end quality ensures luxury long-lasting satisfaction with your Coral Gables kitchen remodeling project.

Your Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Remodeling Services in Coral Gables, Florida

At Endless Life Design Construction Company, we are a leading force among kitchen and bath remodelers in the vibrant city of Coral Gables, Florida. Our seasoned expertise in kitchen renovation Coral Gables, Florida has forged a reputation for delivering best kitchen renovations Coral Gables can boast. Our commitment is reflected in every custom unique tailored kitchen remodeling service we provide, ensuring a personalized touch to reflect your lifestyle.

We understand that the kitchen is more than just a cooking space—it's the heart of your home. That's why our dedicated team offers comprehensive kitchen remodeling services Coral Gables residents trust. From the initial design consultation to the final material selection and project execution, we manage your project with precision, ensuring our licensed certified professionals cater to your request, unique style and preferences.

Ours is an intricate process designed to engage you every step of the way, ensuring that our services align with your envisioned budget. Our meticulous approach guarantees that your kitchen space exceeds kitchen maximum standards expectations and will undergo a transformation that is both breathtaking and functional.

Contact us for a kitchen renovation that is curated to embody your ideal vision, and rest assured, we will not rest until you are wholly satisfied with every facet of your new Coral Gables, Florida kitchen.

Exploring the Latest Trends Styles in Coral Gables, Florida Kitchen Designs

At Endless Life Design Construction Company, we are passionate about marrying functionality, luxury with the latest construction trends to give you a kitchen that is quintessentially Coral Gables, Florida. Our expertise in kitchen remodeling design Coral Gables. Florida and dedication to technology and innovation are the cornerstones of creating spaces that resonate with modern aesthetics and timeless elegance.

Elegant and Modern Aesthetics | Kitchen Remodeling Services

The contemporary Coral Gables, Florida kitchen touts sleek lines and a clean, uncluttered look. We focus on custom kitchen cabinets Coral Gables, Florida that serve as the foundation of our design, offering both refined style and practical storage solutions. Our customized approach ensures that every aspect of the kitchen's aesthetic aligns with your concept and vision.

Modern high gloss white slab doors kitchen is the most used kitchen style in Coral Gables, Florida due to its money expensive luxury fun shinny sleek look. Although some customers like to interior design the whole property with more busy colors palettes like blue + white; this same style can be seen in other colors mixes as well.

Expensive Mediterranean Kitchen Aesthetics

Coral Gables, Florida is a warm place surrounded by oceanic bodies of water where most people come to retire or as tourists to enjoy the tourism tropical life; for this reason people like to spend a lot of money and party in Coral Gables, Florida; causing the majority of mega real estate properties to have mediterranean millwork cabinetry through out the entire house in rooms and places such as: kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, hall ways, offices, bedrooms, laundry rooms, pantry rooms, utility rooms, storage rooms, garages, outdoor kitchen and wine cellars.

Mediterranean Millwork Cabinetry is very expensive due to its wood joinery craftsmanship is extremely detailed, uses a lot of different cutting curves, shapes and edges; takes more work and more time to achieve. Mediterranean Millwork Cabinetry Color is often stained or painted medium brown. Mediterranean kitchen design can be confused with classic kitchen design and traditional kitchen design.

Integrating High-Tech Kitchen Appliances

Technological advancements have revolutionized the culinary experience, and we are at the forefront of incorporating these into our kitchen remodels Coral Gables, Florida. We select appliances that not only complement the design but also offer enhanced functionality, making cooking and entertaining an astronomic seamless experience. Our most favorite kitchen appliances to work with are:

  1. La Cornue

  2. Gaggenau

  3. Sub-Zero/Wolf

  4. Miele

  5. Viking

  6. Dacor

  7. Thermador

  8. AGA

  9. Bertazzoni

  10. SMEG

  11. KitchenAid

Eco-Friendly Materials and Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is no longer an option—it's a necessity. That's why aside using our most favorite luxury solid woods and materials we are committed to using eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices in our Coral Gables, Florida kitchen remodeling projects. Our goal is to give you a kitchen that's not only beautiful but also kind to our home: the planet.

Understanding that a kitchen remodel is a significant investment, we strike a balance between luxury and cost - efficiency without compromising on quality. Here's a closer look at some of the eco-friendly materials - advantages - ratings we offer:

Material Type


Eco-Friendly Rating

Recycled Glass Countertops

Durable, Unique Aesthetic


Bamboo Flooring

Rapidly Renewable, Stylish

Very High

Low-VOC Cabinetry

Improves Indoor Air Quality, Customizable


Salvaged Wood

Reduces Waste, Rich Patina

Very High

As the go - to kitchen and bathroom remodel contractors, we are dedicated to providing not just experience and service, but a passionate spiritual sanctuarium space reflects the Coral Gables, Florida vibrant life and purpose of living.

The Budget Breakdown: Kitchen Remodel Costs in Coral Gables, Florida

Understanding the costs associated with a kitchen remodel in Coral Gables, Florida is crucial when considering a renovation project so that ther are no future unplanned circumstances. At Endless Life Design Construction Company, we pride ourselves on offering transparent comprehensive detailed through pricing guides that cater to the varying budgetary requirements of our clients. Our expertise as kitchen remodelers in Coral Gables, Florida allows us to deliver projects that reflect both quality and luxury, tailored to the financial considerations of Coral Gables, Florida homeowners.

Whether you are searching for kitchen and bath remodelers, looking to update a few key areas of your kitchen or planning a full - fledged overhaul, our team of kitchen contractors in Coral Gables, Florida is prepared to offer options that meet your expectations. The scope of work can range from minor aesthetic changes to extensive structural modifications. Below is a detailed table to help you understand the potential costs:

Project Scope

Cost Estimate

Components Included

Minor Updates

$18,000 - $30,000

New countertops, new cabinets, upgraded floor tiles, upgraded sink and faucet, upgraded hardware, new wall paint, new lighting, replace backsplash, 8 cabinets interior organizers, existing demolition and haul-away, new construction

Moderate Remodel

$30,000 - $65,000

All minor updates plus new appliances, custom solid wood cabinetry, structural layout changes, new custom lighting, new flooring, 15 cabinets interior organizers, existing demolition and haul-away, new construction

Major Overhaul

$65,000 - $150,000

All minor and moderate updates plus comprehensive building structural layout changes, custom cabinets, high-end materials, 40+ cabinets interior organizers, existing demolition and haul-away, new construction

Inclusions and exclusions can vary based on individual needs - project size - specifications - areas, though we always ensure complete transparency in our pricing. Our approach as a kitchen renovation company in Coral Gables, Florida is to strike the perfect balance between lavishness; high end quality and economy, creating spaces that exude functionality and sophistication without inordinate experiences nor expense. Moreover, we provide individual stage guidance on how each element affects the overall cost and deadline, allowing for informed decision-making.

To commence your Coral Gables, Florida Kitchen Remodel Project, contact us at Endless Life Design Construction Company. With project costs that start from an accessible $18,000.00 and can extend up to $150,000.00 for those seeking the utmost in luxury, we assure a remodel that aligns with the latest trends, your vision and budgetary plans. Choose us for a trusted partner to navigate through the journey of creating your dream kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling Coral Gables, Florida: Transform Your Culinary Space

At Endless Life Design Construction Company, we take pride in staging a remarkable transformation for your kitchen with our experience expertise comprehensive remodeling services in Coral Gables, Florida. Our expert team commits to elevating the functionality and style that define your culinary space while tailoring it to fit the Coral Gables, Florida lifestyle.

Ready to change those uncomfortable base corner shelves cabinets for base corner lazy susan cabinets? Empty shelves cabinets are very useless when compared with for example a cabinet with interior seasonings and spices racks organizers or a cabinet with interior pots and pans slide - out organizers or even tiered cutlery organizers. Kitchen Cabinets Interior Organizers and Accessories are one of the most fun ways to transform your kitchen into a super happy fun active cooking place.

Enhanced Functionality and Style

Staying at the forefront of kitchen remodeling in Coral Gables, Florida, we focus on enhancing the overall functionality of your kitchen. Our designs incorporate the latest best functionality structural space planning layouts, sleek, luxury high end quality finishes and materials and innovative technology features that facilitate an easier more efficient, spacious and enjoyable cooking experience. We can 3D design any endless Kitchen Style from: Custom to Modern to Classic, Royal, Mediterranean, Minimalist, Masculine, Cantonese, French, English, Asian and many more.

Optimized Kitchen Layouts for Coral Gables, Florida Homes

Understanding the essence of structural and space planning optimization; our remodeling and renovation projects are designed to core structure, maximize the kichen multitasking use and space, create a seamless workflow. An optimized kitchen layout contributes to a more healthy, functional, spacious, accessible, usable, storageable and organized environment, answering to the diverse needs of kitchen remodeling Coral Gables, Florida residents lives.

Custom Kitchen Features for Your Coral Gables, Florida Lifestyle

Our dedicated craftsmen meticulously work to include custom kitchen features like soft - close drawers; soft - close doors; built - in led strip and recessed can lighting system; pull - out drawers; waste basket and recycle basket pull - out cabinet; toe - kick drawer; glass door cabinets; custom top crown molding and bottom molding; metal framed cabinets or integrated marble - oak cabinetry reflects your personal style and culinary schedule and habits. Whether are kitchen cabinets organizers and accessories or it's a statement backsplash or bespoke cabinetry, these personalized touches make your kitchen uniquely yours, completing the kitchen remodeling Coral Gables, Florida experience.

Other Larger Features



Custom Cabinetry

Handcrafted storage solutions tailored to fit your space and style.

Maximizes storage efficiency, adds aesthetic value.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Selection of sustainable options for countertops, cabinets, backsplashes and flooring for a healthier living.

Promotes environmental responsibility, healthier life, offers long-lasting durability.

Smart Appliances

Integration of the latest technology for a smarter kitchen operation.

Enhances and automates cooking experience with convenience and innovative features.

Open Concept Floor Plans

Designs that support a seamless spacious transition between kitchen and living areas.

Encourages sociability, interaction, comfortability, visually expands the space.

Remember, when considering kitchen remodeling Coral Gables, Florida, our project costs vary ensuring options for every budget without compromising on update, function, style or quality. Let us enhance your home with a kitchen remodel that speaks to the heart of Coral Gables, Florida living.

Selecting the Best Kitchen Contractors in Coral Gables, Florida

Embarking on a kitchen remodel in Coral Gables, Florida invites the excitement of renewal, transformation and the promise of improved enhanced style and functionality. Recognizing this, we, at Endless Life Design Construction Company, appreciate that selecting top-notch kitchen remodeling contractors in Coral Gables, Florida is a decision that affects the entire outcome of your vision. With pride, we stand among the best kitchen remodel firms in Coral Gables, Florida, equipped with a licensed dedicated team that blends artistic expression with technical expertise for your kitchen cabinet renovations and more.

For those in the pursuit of excellence in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, our company ensures a licensed convergence of quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our full custom kitchen remodel and renovation construction projects are not just a service, but a partnership with each client to co-create and rearrange experience spaces that resonate with what customers want, with customers' lifestyles and with customers' aesthetic preferences.

Whether you are searching for a commercial kitchen contractor, commercial kitchen contractors near me, kitchen and bathroom remodel contractors, residential kitchen contractor,  kitchen remodeling contractors in Coral Gables, Florida, outdoor kitchen contractor, kitchen cabinets contractor, outdoor kitchen contractor near me or kitchen contractors in Coral Gables, Florida know we store over 25 years of experience completing Commercial and Residential Kitchen Renovation and Remodeling Construction Projects in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach County. We are ready to answer all the questions you may have in regards to Commercial and Residential Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation Construction Projects.

Services Offered

Client Involvement

Project Range

Full Custom Home Remodeling

Materials, Design and Permit

$100,000 - $500,000 +

Full Custom Kitchen Remodeling

Materials, Design and Permit

$18,000.00 - $150,000.00

Full Custom Bathroom Remodeling

Materials, Design and Permit

$18,000.00 - $100,000.00

Custom Kitchen + Cabinet Renovations

Personalized Design Consultation

$18,000.00 - $80,000.00

With customer satisfaction at the forefront, we not only advise but also actively listen to our clients through every step—becoming the go - to kitchen and bathroom remodeling companies in Coral Gables, Florida. This client - centered approach ensures that your kitchen cabinet renovations in Coral Gables, Florida are not merely quick installations, but bespoke art creations that enliven your home. Choose us, Endless Life Design Construction Company, for a transformative journey made memorable with unwavering support and exceptional craftsmanship.

Maximizing a Small Kitchen's Potential in Doral, Florida

At Endless Life Design Construction Company, we understand that space in Doral, Florida can be limited, but the potential for your small kitchen is endless. Our team excels in transforming compact areas into highly multitasking, functional, fashionable spaces that cater to your cooking needs and lifestyle preferences. There are people smartly analyze what they dont use anymore in a house to to remove it to have more space to add new things they will start using; this is a great example for when trying to amplify and extra multitask a small kitchen.

With kitchen remodel miami affordable cost, we offer solutions that not only meet your budget but also make the most of every square foot available in your kitchen remodel in Doral, Florida or kitchen remodel south Miami project.

Smart Storage Solutions

To enhance the utility of your small kitchen remodel, we incorporate innovative storage solutions such has adding drawers to toe - kicks, fillers narrow pull - out cabinets, tilt - out tray, vertical and horizontal drawers dividers, pull - out shelves, corner solutions, roll - out pantry cabinet, incorporating a pantry room or adding an adjacent utility room minimizes clutter and maximizes efficiency. Our 3D design experts are adept at crafting custom millwork wood cabinetry joineries of any size with unique lazy susans, blind corner cabinets, level - adjustable shelving units and blum hardware - hinge - lift and runner systems merge seamlessly with the overall design while offering practical organization. With our kitchen renovations services in Miami, you can expect a place for everything, keeping your counter spaces free and clear.

Space-Saving Design Techniques

To achieve space - saving designs one must think and act chronologically. Our mastery of space - saving designs ensures that no corner is wasted. Whether it's multi-functional furniture or appliances that fit just right, we're vigilant in our pursuit to make your small space work harder. Through thoughtful layout planning and the use of intelligent design elements, the limited space in your kitchen will transform into an efficient culinary workshop, proving that a small kitchen remodel in Miami can yield big results in style and functionality.

The Importance of Kitchen Lighting in Your Coral Gables, Florida Remodel

At Endless Life Design Construction Company, we perfectly recognize the transformative impact of custom built-in led lighting system in the realm of kitchen remodeling. When undertaking the journey of a kitchen remodel, it's not just about selecting the right appliances or cabinetry; the lighting must be a foremost consideration to enhance both functionality and the overall aesthetic ambiance. A classy kitchen ceiling design isn't complete without a lighting plan that outstands and accentuates the clear beauty and elegance of your space.

Lighting design is a critical step that is carefully mapped out early in the kitchen remodel timeline just like any other material or product. It ensures that once the gorgeous kitchen cabinet drawings transition from concept to reality, they are showcased in the best light. Our design team diligently creates a kitchen sketch that anticipates the interplay between natural and artificial light, ensuring a seamless and radiant culinary environment.

Here's a breakdown of how we approach lighting during a kitchen remodel:

  1. Assessment of the existing lighting scheme and identification of areas needing improvement.

  2. Integration of task lighting to provide focused illumination on workspaces.

  3. Inclusion of ambient lighting to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

  4. Strategic placement of accent lighting to showcase architectural features and design elements.

  5. Selection of energy-efficient fixtures and bulbs to contribute to a green and cost-effective kitchen.

Equally important is the choice of fixtures that complement the design of your elegant kitchen. Whether it is recessed lights for a modern touch, built-in led track lighting, modern kitchen island lighting or a statement chandelier that serves as a focal point and centerpiece, our team ensures the fixtures not only deliver performance but also give the final touch and enhance the room's overall aesthetics.

Lighting Type


Recommended Locations

Style Tips

Ambient Lighting

To provide overall illumination to the room

Ceiling mount fixtures, chandeliers, LED downlights

Opt for dimmable options to control intensity for different times of the day

Task Lighting

To brighten work areas for safe and efficient food prep

Top crown molding strip light, wall cabinet bottom molding strip light, toe-kick strip light, inside drawer strip light, pendant lights over islands

Opt for dimmable options to control intensity for different times of the day. Choose cool white bulbs for modern look and to improve concentration. Choose warm light for comfortable ambience to reduce eyestrain

Accent Lighting

To highlight design features and create visual interest

Directional spotlights, track lighting

Use to draw attention to artwork, centerpiece, cabinet displays, or unique backsplashes

Only using task lighting; a modern kitchen island lighting is a beautiful art focal point center piece showcases the true value of the kitchen.

We believe that a well-lit kitchen is a cornerstone of a beautiful, functional, productive and bright home. With Endless Life Design Construction Company's attention to detail and dedication to excellence, your kitchen will not only shine brightly but also stand as a testament to an impeccably orchestrated kitchen remodel in Coral Gables, Florida.

Countertop and Cabinet Selection: Balancing Beauty and Durability

Endless Life Design Construction Company kitchen and bathroom remodelers ensure each aspect of your kitchen renovation is A+ perfection. As kitchen and bathroom remodelers pioneers we believe the cabinets and countertops made choices stand as a beam testament to functional endurance, value and aesthetic beauty. Our selection system is rigorously built to meet kitchen design remodeling or renovation endurance, function and quality pillars. Before you delve into a marble kitchen island and the various finishes and materials at your disposal, let's discuss how these features can redefine your kitchen space.

Countertop Material Choices: Marble, Granite, Quartzite, Quartz, Onyx and More

Finding the right countertop material is crucial for any kitchen overhaul. Our range includes the timeless valuable strength of marble; the rich metal composition of granite; the rare abstract designs of quartzite; the beauty of onyx; the sleek versatility and sustainability of quartz and a host of other durable materials tailor - made for the demands of a bustling kitchen. Not only do these precious stones need to be resilient against daily wear, weight, hit and tear, but also they must align with the style quotient standards expected from custom kitchen cabinets in Coral Gables, Florida. A well-chosen countertop acts as the cornerstone of your kitchen's aesthetics – and we spare no effort in providing you with an array of exceptional options.

Color and Texture: Making a Personal Statement

Integral to crafting a kitchen that truly reflects your personality is the selection of the right colors, textures, finishes, laminates and veneers. Endless Life Design Construction Company Kitchen Design Team excels in crafting designing kitchen plans space planning layouts perfectly function, match and blend through - out all the materials, shades and 3 - dimensional textures reflect your taste, individuality and class, be it through semi custom kitchen cabinets, custom cabinets, rustic kitchen island, waterfall kitchen island or completely bespoke pieces. Whether you are looking for new vibrant, bold, nature or neutral colors palettes hues materials to make a statement or a matching texture connects and complements the rest of your home’s overall theme, our beautiful kitchen cabinet drawing experts work with you to bring your vision to immaculate fun life.

When cabinets are made of wood; you can leave these unfinished natural; or oil stain them; or paint them; or veneer them with a 3 - dimensional crafted texture or cover them with very thin marble stone panels; or laminate them with a very thin solid pvc plastic type material panel such as high gloss acrylic.

  • Resilient and curated materials such as petrified wood, marble veneer, granite, quartz pulls

  • Diverse colors palettes to match your unique aesthetic

  • Textures that add 3 - dimensional depth and unique character to your space

  • Expert guidance to ensure a harmonious blend with custom kitchen cabinetry

Note: Our Project affordable costs encompass a spectrum of remodel and renovation options customized to your preferences and needs.

Benefits of a Professional Design Consultation for Your Coral Gables, Florida Kitchen

Embarking on a kitchen remodeling design Coral Gables, Florida journey signifies the start of creating a space that's not just a place to cook, but a long lasting investment cornerstone of your home. At Endless Life Design Construction Company, we believe in the transformative power of a professional design consultation. Your home in Coral Gables, Florida deserves nothing short of the ultimate kitchen and bath, a harmonious blend of luxury, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Diving into the world of luxury kitchen and bath design without expert guidance can be blurry overwhelming. That's why we harness our expertise to provide inspiration kitchen and bath concepts tailored to your personal taste. Our design consultations pivot on understanding your vision, assessing your lifestyle and habits, and ensuring that every aspect of your kitchen remodeling design Coral Gables, Florida is meticulously crafted to suit your desires. Whether you're looking for opulent fixtures, modern kitchen faucets, modern kitchen cabinet handles, modern grey kitchen cabinets or intelligent storage solutions, we are your trusted partner in creating your bath and kitchen sanctuary.

During our comprehensive consultation sessions, we aim to express our kitchen experience, expertise and techniques while addressing all your concerns and aspirations. The outcome is a bespoke design plan that captures the essence of Coral Gables, Florida's vibrant lifestyle and your unique flair. From selecting the finest materials to optimizing your layout for peak performance and elegance, we commit ourselves to elevate your space from mundane to magnificent with our In - House Professionals:

  • Licensed Commercial and Residential Civil Engineers

  • Licensed Commercial and Residential Architects

  • Licensed Commercial and Residential Mechanical Engineer

  • Licensed Commercial and Residential Electrical Engineer

  • Licensed Commercial and Residential Plumbing Engineer

  • Licensed Commercial and Residential General Contractor

  • Kitchen Designer

  • Bathroom Designer

  • Closet Designer

  • Licensed Exterior Landsacape Architect

During your New Remodel Initial Consultation we provide you but not limited to a Site Walk-Through Consultation Visit to physically collect New Entire Scope of Work List to provide you the Project Estimate Cost; Licensed Personalized Design Strategies; Expert Materials and Products Selection Guide; Upgrades Enhances Automation Functional Space Planning for Effortless Living Tips.

Our services extend beyond mere aesthetics and white glove attention to detail; we incorporate sophisticated solutions into the heart of your home such as toe - kicks vacuums. Depending on your kitchen remodel needs, whether you envisage a sleek contemporary motif or a classic charm, our team is ready to bring your dream kitchen to life. Trust us at Endless Life Design Construction Company to deliver exceptional quality, ensuring your kitchen stands as a testament to refined taste and practical innovation within reasonable budget. Experience the unparalleled advantage of a professional design consultation and join the multitude of Coral Gables, Florida homeowners who've transformed their kitchens into a statement of ultimate luxury and comfort.

Whether you are ready to star an extra large kitchen, kitchen addition or outdoor brick kitchen renovation or remodeling construction project do not delay any further nor hesitate anymore and reach out to us to schedule your New Initial Site Walk-Through Consultation Visit

Incorporating Outdoor Kitchens into Coral Gables, Florida's Lifestyle

Coral Gables, Florida's balmy climate and zest for living al fresco make the addition of an outdoor kitchen a natural choice for homeowners looking to extend their lounge entertaining spaces. At Endless Life Design Construction Company, we specialize in customizing these spaces to fit seamlessly into your daily needs, ensuring that each outdoor kitchen project we undertake is a perfect blend of fun, luxury, durability, class and style. Whether you're throwing a glamorous poolside party, watching a football game, enjoying the lounge bar or enjoying a quiet family dinner, an outdoor kitchen can redirect and redefine your outdoor living experience.

Building the Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Space

As esteemed outdoor kitchen contractors near Coral Gables, Florida, our expertise lies in designing spaces that are not just functional, but also embody the spirited vibe of unpredictable Coral Gables, Florida. We seamlessly integrate metal, concrete, weatherproof resistant materials and wood outdoor kitchens with your existing landscape, creating a locked streamlined look that speaks volumes about your taste. Our portfolio of outdoor kitchen projects reflects our commitment to crafting spaces that encourage connection, celebration, and the pure enjoyment of Coral Gables, Florida's warm weather year - round.

Outdoor Kitchen Materials and Weatherproofing Ideas

Selecting the right materials is crucial to the longevity of your outdoor kitchen in Coral Gables, Florida's diverse weather. Our team of professional commercial kitchen contractors advocates for using sturdy yet stylish materials that can resist hurricanes, storms, nature weather disasters or rains such as metal (stainless steel, aluminum), concrete, stone, brick outdoor kitchen, cinder block outdoor kitchen, marine - grade polymer or wood. Take a glimpse of our most recommended options that promise to keep your kitchen long - lasting looking splendid through the sun, rain, and more:



Weatherproofing Qualities


Durable corrosion-resistant, sleek design

Extra protection against rust

Concrete Block

Durability, modern masculine look

Coated to prevent water ingress

Stone Veneer

Elegant, strong, variety of patterns

Sealants applied for weather endurance


Durable, rustic, timeless, charming

Resilient, sturdy, stable, enduring, weather-resistant

Cinder Block

Sturdy, durable, versatile, cost-effective

Strong, resilient, weather-resistant, durable, adaptable, affordable

Marine - Grade Polymer

Durable, weather-resistant, low-maintenance, versatile, long-lasting

Weather-resistant, durable, moisture-proof, rot-proof, resilient, long-lasting


Warm aesthetic, natural feel

Sealed for moisture resistance

When it comes to weatherproofing these spaces, our approach is all about meticulous awareness and attention to detail. With each outdoor kitchen Coral Gables, Florida project, we consider the specific challenges posed by local weather patterns and incorporate features like drainage solutions, protective coverings, and materials selected for their resistance to heat, humidity, and storm conditions. From the robust construction of a concrete block outdoor kitchen, brick outdoor kitchen, cinder block outdoor kitchen, outdoor weatherstrong  kitchen to the sophisticated finish of a wood outdoor kitchen, we ensure every outdoor space we create can be safe and enjoyed for years to come.

When planning to do an outdoor kitchen remodeling, renovation or construction project imagine some areas such as: outdoor kitchen, outdoor kitchen barbecue grill area, outdoor kitchen barbecue grill and bar lounge area, new age outdoor kitchen, outdoor kitchen pergola, outdoor kitchen with pizza oven, l shaped outdoor kitchen, rustic outdoor kitchen, stone outdoor kitchen, outdoor kitchen gazebo, stainless steel outdoor kitchen, outdoor kitchen with fireplace, waterproof outdoor kitchen cabinets, big kitchens, elegant kitchens,  large kitchen, outdoor concrete kitchen.

How to Navigate Coral Gables, Florida's Building Codes and Permits for Kitchen Remodeling

Embarking on a kitchen remodeling project in Fort Lauderdale or Coral Gables, Florida requires an understanding of the local regulations that govern construction and remodeling. At Endless Life Design Construction Company, we pride ourselves as the kitchen and bath experts dedicated to guiding homeowners through the intricate process of permits and building codes. The journey to a dream kitchen starts with ensuring legal compliance to transform your space hassle - free.

We know that the excitement of kitchen remodeling in Fort Lauderdale or Coral Gables, Florida can be overshadowed by the tedious task of permit acquisition. However, securing a permit for kitchen remodel or permits for kitchen renovation is a non-negotiable phase of the process that ensures the safety and legality of your project. Rely on us to manage all your commercial kitchen permit; kitchen remodel permit and paperwork from the initial applications to inspections and final approvals, all while keeping your remodeling plans or renovation plans in line with the Coral Gables, Florida building codes.

  • We stay up-to-date with the latest building codes and regulations to predict and circumvent potential roadblocks.

  • Our experienced team liaises with local authorities on your behalf, simplifying the complexities of permit applications.

  • We ensure that every element of your kitchen remodel; whether in Coral Gables or Fort Lauderdale, Florida meets the stringent standards set forth by local codes.

We are committed to providing transparency and value at every turn. Trust in our expertise as kitchen remodeling authorities in Fort Lauderdale or Coral Gables, Florida—and let us navigate the bureaucratic waters, while you envision your kitchen's transformation into a culinary masterpiece.

If you're ready to move forward with a kitchen renovation that complies with all regulations and reflects your personal taste, reach out to us. Our goal is to make the process as efficient and smooth as possible, allowing you to enjoy the creative aspects of remodeling without the stress of legalities.

Merging Kitchen Functionality with Coral Gables, Florida's Coastal Charm

At Endless Life Design Construction Company, we take great pride in seamlessly infusing the breezy, coastal charm of Coral Gables, Florida with the practicality of mediterranean or modern kitchen design. When embarking on a kitchen remodel in Coral Gables or anywhere in Coral Gables, Florida, we ensure that every element, from a custom kitchen island to a custom outdoor kitchen, a custom outdoor kitchen sink or a custom kitchen sink, not only serves your daily needs, tasks and routines but also enhances the serene, tropical vibe of your home.

There are many different types of kitchen styles but function there is only one. When you create a new kitchen you always start first with function and later merge the function to the style. When you design a tropical kitchen not only do you account for blue oceanic hues but also have to integrate nature enriched forest. Coral Gables, Florida is a tropical location where 2 of our largest natural features on Earth meet creating a unique confluence of vibrant marine ecosystems and lush, biodiverse landscapes.

Coastal - Theme Design Tips

Incorporating the essence of the ocean into your kitchen requires a fine balance of peaceful colors palettes, texture, and layout. Our experts suggest employing light, airy colors combined with natural materials like woods and stones that echo the Coral Gables, Florida coastline. Integrating a custom kitchen island with seating becomes a centerpiece, ideal for gathering friends and family in a space that feels both open and inviting. Intergrating a kitchen island with sink becomes more fo a functionable entertaining centerpiece. Blue kitchen island with different color accent cabinets are often used in coastal residential kitchens.

Using Local Coral Gables, Florida Textures and Colors

We celebrate Miami's vibrant culture by integrating local textures and hues that reflect the city's unique character. Our kitchen remodeling services in Coral Gables, Florida are tailored to include bespoke features that resonate with the local aesthetic. From waterfalls countertops that mimic sandy beaches to turquoise mosaic backsplashes tiles that capture the cyan waters of the Atlantic, our team is adept at crafting a culinary space that speaks to the heart of Coral Gables, Florida living. A stone bookmatch waterfall island is a bespoke masterpiece architecture technique adds value and statement to your property while letting everyone know including your family and friends you are up to date with architecture latest trends.

Understanding that a kitchen remodel is a significant investment, our projects range from $18,000.00 to $150,000.00, offering an array of options to fit various budgets while never compromising on function, quality or style. Let us transform your kitchen into a space where functionality meets the allure of Coral Gables, Florida's coastal allure.

Why Choose Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Coral Gables, Florida?

When considering a kitchen remodel in Coral Gables, Florida, custom kitchen cabinets stand out as the unrivaled choice for homeowners seeking perfect fit - out, beauty and functionality. Our team at Endless Life Design Construction Company meticulously crafts custom kitchen cabinetry tailored to your specific spaces and needs, ensuring that each piece resonates with your personal style and enhances your home's appeal.

Opting for custom kitchen cabinets Coral Gables, Florida residents love means enjoying cabinets that are designed to perfectly fit your kitchen's unique dimensions and angles, maximizing space and creating a streamlined look. With the incorporation of a custom kitchen island, your kitchen becomes a hub for social - fun - party gatherings and culinary creativity, providing ample workspace counters and additional storage solutions.

Semi - custom kitchen cabinets or modular cabinets save time and offer a blend of flexibility and affordability, allowing you to choose from a variety of already made sizes, styles and finishes, and modify certain minimal dimensions for a near - custom fit. These are perfect for those who desire a custom appearance but have a more conservative budget. Kitchen cabinetry Coral Gables, Florida homeowners dream of reflects the vibrancy and sophistication of the city, whether through fully custom or semi-custom options.

At Endless Life Design Construction Company, we believe that every detail matters. That's why every custom cabinet we create is a testament to our precision and passion for excellence.

Our project costs range from $18,000.00 to $150,000.00; accommodating a wide spectrum of design aspirations. Regardless of the scope of work from big kitchens to small kitchens; you can expect our custom cabinets to solve all your needs; perfectly align with the aesthetic of your choice and stand the test of time; crafted from high-quality materials by skilled artisans and carpenters who understand the essence of Coral Gables, Florida living.



Customized 3D Design

Reflects your unique style and preferences

Maximized Storage

Optimizes space, reducing clutter and improving organization

Premium Craftsmanship Joineries

Durable interlocking construction that endures daily weight and use

Enhanced Home Value

Increases property value with aesthetic appeal, technology and functionality

Choose Endless Life Design Construction Company and witness how our dedication to crafting custom kitchen cabinets Coral Gables, Florida residents can be proud of transforms your culinary space. Pair that with our masterful creation of a custom kitchen island, and your elegant kitchen will become the heart of your Coral Gables, Florida home, where both family and friends gather in comfort and style.

Top Flooring Options for a Chic Coral Gables, Florida Kitchen | Kitchen Remodeling Miami

When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Coral Gables, Florida or crafting the best kitchen remodel in Coral Gables, Florida, flooring stands as one of the essential elements that tie your design together. At Endless Life Design Construction Company, we're dedicated to providing a wide array of flooring for kitchen remodel projects that are as durable as they are stylish, fit for the unique Coral Gables, Florida lifestyle.

Durable Slab and Tile Selections

Our selection of 6-10 mm thick floor stone slabs and floor stone tiles are specifically designed to handle the high traffic of a bustling indoor or outdoor kitchen, all while maintaining that sleek Coral Gables, Florida aesthetic. We work with only the highest quality materials, ensuring that your kitchen can withstand the test of time, weight, traffic, hit and spillages alike.

Luxury Hardwood vs. Laminate: What's Best for Coral Gables, Florida?

We understand the dilemma homeowners face when choosing between the timeless elegance of hardwood floors and the practicality and cost-effectiveness of laminate. Allow us to guide you through the benefits of each to find the perfect match for your home.




Visual Appeal

Luxurious, timeless look

High-Quality imitations of narural wood or stone


Long-lasting with proper care

Extremely resistant. Very resistant to scratches and water, ideal for high traffic


Premium Price

Both are more affordable than hardwood


Requires refinishing over time

Easy to clean, minimal upkeep

Moisture Resistance

Can warp with excessive moisture

Better suited for humid climates

As one of the premier kitchen remodeling contractors in Coral Gables, Florida, we pride ourselves on aligning with your vision and budget. Whether you want the buttery smoothness of a hardwood floor beneath your feet or the durable simplicity of laminate options, we are here to make your dream kitchen a reality. We ensure a customized experience for every client. Let us lay the foundation and perfect color palettes for your Coral Gables, Florida kitchen's transformation.

Choosing the correct kitchen size layout

The correct kitchen size layout has to fit in your kitchen size, match your style choice, accomodate all your life - family - friends and loved ones hobbies - parties - get togethers - lifestyle - celebrations - holidays - children activities - preferences - chef food choices - business networking parties - lounge activities - future plans etc. Endless Life Design Construction Company is the perfect place to build you the kitchen of your dreams. The most used kitchen sizes layouts are as follow:

Open Concept Kitchen: An open concept kitchen refers to a layout that combines the kitchen, dining, and living areas into a unified, expansive space without traditional walls or barriers. In an open concept design, the kitchen seamlessly flows into the adjoining living or dining areas, creating a more inclusive and connected environment. This layout often features a spacious floor plan that enhances natural light, fosters interaction between family members or guests, and provides a sense of airiness and fluidity within the home.

L - Shaped Kitchen: An L-shaped kitchen refers to a layout characterized by cabinets and countertops arranged in an "L" configuration, typically occupying two adjacent walls. This design creates a continuous and open workspace, maximizing efficiency and functionality within the kitchen.

U - Shaped Kitchen: A U-shaped kitchen is a layout characterized by cabinets and countertops that form a "U" shape, typically utilizing three adjacent walls in the kitchen. This design creates a continuous workspace with cabinets and counters on three sides, offering plenty of storage and work surface area.

Island Kitchen: An island kitchen refers to a layout where a freestanding countertop or workspace, known as an island, is positioned at the center of the kitchen. This standalone unit is surrounded by open space and is not attached to the walls or cabinetry, creating a versatile and functional area within the kitchen used for preparing - placing food and seating down to eat.

Galley Kitchen: A galley kitchen, also known as a corridor-style kitchen, is a layout characterized by two parallel countertops and workspaces that face each other, typically with a walkway or aisle between them. This design is often found in smaller or narrow spaces, maximizing efficiency by utilizing both sides of the room.

Allow us to assess your space and curate a layout extra optimizes, multitasks, maximizes efficiency, solves function while aligning with your personal preferences and workflow needs.

Your Trusted Ally for Diverse Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation Ventures

From commercial to business; to residential; to multi-family homes; to single-family homes and full kitchen remodels construction projects in South Florida and Miami - Broward and Palm Beach County; Endless Life Design Construction Company is the place you can rely on. Our licensed professional construction team masters kitchen remodeling, kitchen 3d design and transforming kitchen spaces with premium leadership craftsmanship.

Whether it’s new cabinets, marble countertops, quartz countertops, storage solutions, bedroom storage cabinets, metal cabinet storage, entryway storage cabinet or record storage cabinet we take profound pride in an excellent high quality job done with attention to wood joinery craftsmanship detail and customer satisfaction.

Experience the difference of working with a licensed specialized top-notch general contractor for all your commercial, residential, home, kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs. Contact us today to discuss your kitchen project needs, allow us to exceed your expectations and bring your dream kitchen lifestyle to life.

Upgrade your Kitchen today with Endless Life Design Construction Company

We easily forgot the kitchen got old, got mold, got humidity and needs an update. We get so caught up on our daily emergency responsabilities we dont even know or realize how much more delicious, fun and enjoyable food tastes when is cooked in a new kitchen. A kitchen is not just cabinets and a countertop to place and prepare food on top of the countertop. A kitchen is a very expensive mastery millwork cabinetry big statement art masterpiece set costs a lot of money, adds a lot of value to the lot and property and is made from any solid hardwood whether is oak, maple, cherry, pine, mahogany, walnut or any other hardwood.

Each cabinet is not necessarily empty inside with 1 - 4 shelves. Each cabinet has its specific name, its interior wood organizer to store small appliances or products and its specific use. A kitchen cabinet drawer interior organizer example is the drawer tiered cutlery (utensils) wood organizer - one of the most fun organizers; another one is the seasoning and spices level - rack pull - out organizer. There are many kitchen cabinet interior organizers and accessories and fun things to add and enjoy in a kitchen. Trust our construction knowledge and start updating your property with us today.

Endless Life Design Construction Company is your trusted partner, whether you envision a complete commercial construction endeavor, a custom kitchen or cabinetry tailored to your desires. Our services span a wide spectrum specializing in transforming schematics designs concepts and sketches into reality. Our commitment to exemplary workmanship unfolds through an extensive range of services, encompassing the creation of bespoke kitchen cabinets to the meticulous installation of marble countertops. Collaborating closely with our clients in South Miami, our adept 3D designers draw personalized visions that harmonize seamlessly with diverse commercial or residential projects.

We understand your needs: Endless Life Design Construction Company prides itself on its commitment to understanding the unique needs and desires of every customer. Our approach begins with attentive listening, as we engage closely with our clients to comprehend their preferences, lifestyle, and distinctive requirements. Whether it's conceptualizing a modern kitchen design or curating a traditional ambiance, our dedicated team invests time and effort in grasping the intricacies of each client's vision. By fostering open communication and a collaborative process, we ensure that every aspect of our service aligns precisely with our customer's goals and aspirations, resulting in tailored solutions that reflect their individual style and preferences.

Uncompromising Quality: Honesty plays a perfect role while building customer - contractor relationship. We uphold the highest standards of honesty - transparency - budget - high quality and equally provide them all to all our customers to not compromise the highest quality standards. We suggest and provide the top premium highest quality building materials, products, woods, stones, hardware (hinges, knobs, pulls), paint, floor slabs, floor tiles there is secure longevity and beauty while assuring we certainly know whats valuable and has the highest quality there is.

Smooth Installation: Our mastery finds its zenith in the installation phase. Our builder ensures a flawlessly integrated placement of custom millwork cabinets, transforming your envisioned dream into a luxury tangible masterpiece.

Artisan Precision: We take pride in our artisanal craftsmanship, meticulously tending to every designed cut detail. Whether laying floor slabs, floor tiles, demolishing and hauling away cabinets, or demolishing and hauling away countertops, our aim is to surpass your expectations through unwavering dedication to excelled excellence.

Your Vision, Our Craft: Explore the pinnacle of opulence and functionality with Endless Life Design Construction Company's premium superior custom cabinets. Let your kitchen narrative exude elegance, sophistication, and distinctiveness.

Why Choose Us

Endless Life Design Construction Company stands as your prime choice for kitchen remodeling due to our robust licenses and qualifications:

Licenses: In order to achieve a County or City Permit Approved New Licensed Sealed Commercial or Residential Kitchen Remodeling or Renovation Construction Project in Miami Dade County or anywhere else you have to work with Licensed Commercial or Residential Civil Engineers, Licensed Commercial or Residential Architects and Licensed Commercial or Residential General Contractors. Endless Life Design Construction Company in - houses a Full Team of Licensed Commercial and Residential Civil Engineers, Licensed Commercial and Residential Architects and Licensed Commercial and Residential General Contractors. Rest assured, our services in Coral Gables and beyond come with unwavering reliability and security.

Experience: With extensive construction industry experience, we've triumphed in numerous commercial and residential homes, kitchens, offices, closets and bathrooms remodeling and renovation construction projects, showcasing our proficiency.

Skilled Team: Comprising adept Licensed Commercial and Residential Civil Engineers, Licensed Commercial and Residential Architects, Licensed Commercial and Residential General Contractors, commercial remodeling contractors, custom kitchen remodeling contractors, custom bathroom renovation contractors, 3D designers, project managers, custom millwork cabinetry carpenters, commercial painters, residential painters, trained artisans and construction labor workers our team ardently crafts exquisite custom kitchens, bespoke millwork cabinetry, wine cellars, offices, storage rooms, closets, beautiful custom modern master bathroom and tailored solutions for all diverse commercial and residential ventures.

Meticulous Precision: Our belief in meticulous attention to detail is evident in every facet of our projects. Whether in commercial or residential endeavors, we ensure flawlessness in every nook and cranny of your kitchen, dining space, or new construction.

Client - Centric Focus: Your satisfaction drives our mission. We attentively listen to your dreams; aspirations; goals; we offer seasoned advice; and tailor our designs meticulously to mirror your vision; whether it's a 2 story garage remodel; garage office conversion remodeling; attic ladder installation; dining room revamp, bespoke countertops, or an entirely customized kitchen.

Budget - Conscious Solutions: We're committed to proving that a breathtaking kitchen transformation need not strain your finances. Our adept team works within your budget confines, ensuring remarkable outcomes that enhance your home's allure and value.

Transparency: Endless Life Design Construction Company believes transparency is value, honesty, foundation and one of our core cornerstones. Throughout your entire Coral Gables, Florida home transformation journey, from initial design blueprints to final embellishments, we ensure you're abreast of every stage. No hiccups, only an amazing high quality outstanding job and a seamless kitchen remodeling expedition.


In summing up our journey through the creative and practical world of kitchen remodeling in Coral Gables, Florida, we at Endless Life Design Construction Company stand by our commitment to transform your culinary spaces with unparalleled passionate craftsmanship and design. Kitchen renovation in Coral Gables, Florida goes beyond mere construction; it's about realizing your vision and blending it seamlessly with the vibrant local culture. Our projects are a testament to our versatility and dedication to expertise, quality and value.

Whether it is sleek custom cabinets, modern cabinet, stylish yet durable flooring options, kitchen island with waterfall, pantry room or our full spectrum of kitchen remodeling design services in Coral Gables, Florida, our focus is on providing a comprehensive solution catered to your unique needs. We understand the intricacies of Coral Gables, Florida's style and trends and infuse each project with that distinct elegance and coastal charm that is synonymous with our beloved city.

As one of the premier kitchen remodelers in Coral Gables, Florida, we invite you to entrust us with the heart o your home, where the most delicious foods and memories are made and shared with your loved ones. Reach out to us, and let's embark on the path to creating not just a kitchen but a wealthy masterpiece that stands the test of time and trend. Become a part of our family of satisfied clients and experience elegant kitchens magic transformation with Endless Life Design Construction Company, where dreams meld with reality.


What does a typical kitchen remodel in Coral Gables, Florida entail?

A typical kitchen remodel in Coral Gables, Florida incorporates a range of updates from installing new countertops and cabinets to enhancing the kitchen layout, demolishing existing walls, building new walls, changing wall paint, installing new floor tiles, integrating automation modern appliances, updating hardware, replacing backsplashes, completing permit all designed to suit your style and improve functionality.

How can I maximize the space in my small Doral, Florida kitchen?

We maximize space using smart storage solutions and space-saving design techniques, creating a seamless and efficient kitchen even in the most compact Doral, Florida homes.

What latest trends in kitchen design can I integrate into my Coral Gables, Florida home?

Current trends include elegant and modern aesthetics, innovative high-tech kitchen appliances, and eco-friendly materials that bring both style and sustainability to your kitchen remodel.

How long does it typically take to remodel a kitchen in Coral Gables, Florida?

A kitchen remodel timeline can vary depending on the project's scope of work and size, but most kitchen remodels in Coral Gables, Florida take anywhere from a few weeks to several months from conception to completion.

How do I choose the right materials for my kitchen countertops and cabinets?

We guide our clients through selecting materials based on a balance of beauty and durability, considering factors like marble and granite for countertops and aesthetic preferences for cabinets.

How much should I budget for a kitchen remodel in Coral Gables, Florida?

Kitchen remodel cost in Coral Gables, Florida can range from $18,000.00 to $150,000.00. We provide transparent pricing to match our clients' diverse budgets, ensuring we meet your financial and design expectations.

Why should I consider a professional kitchen design consultation?

A professional kitchen design consultation ensures that your kitchen remodel aligns with your vision and needs, providing expertise in luxury and functionality for a sophisticated finished project. A professional kitchen design consultation includes a Licensed Commercial or Residential Civil Engineer, Licensed Commercial or Residential Architect, Interior Designer, Kitchen Designer and/or Licensed Commercial or Residential General Contractor to complete a Site Walk - Through Consultation Visit to advise customer, collect New Entire Scope of Work List in order to be able to provide to customer a Project Estimate Cost.

What are the benefits of custom kitchen cabinets?

Custom kitchen cabinets offer personalized storage solutions, custom sizes and custom styles, allowing you to maximize your space and incorporate your taste into the kitchen design.

Can I install an outdoor kitchen in Coral Gables, Florida, and what should I consider?

Yes, outdoor kitchens include barbeque grill and bar lounge with fireplace areas with gazebos and pergolas are perfect for Coral Gables, Florida's lifestyle. Our team can guide you in selecting durable materials and weatherproofing strategies to create a beautiful and functional outdoor entertaining space.

How can I ensure my Coral Gables, Florida kitchen remodel complies with local building codes and permits?

With our expertise in local building codes and regulations, we manage all procedural aspects, including securing the necessary permits, collecting and submitting documents, and ensuring your remodel complies with Coral Gables, Florida's building codes and regulations.

What are the best flooring options for my Coral Gables, Florida kitchen?

We offer a variety of flooring options including durable 6 - 10 mm thick floor stone slabs and floor stone tiles, luxurious hardwood plank tiles, and practical vinyl veneer laminate plank tiles, with expert advice on the best choice for your specific kitchen needs.

How can I incorporate Coral Gables, Florida's coastal charm into my kitchen design?

Our design experts can provide tips on creating a coastal theme, using local colors and textures to lend your kitchen a welcoming, relaxed and tropical ambiance that resonates with Coral Gables, Florida's coastal lifestyle.

Where can I find kitchen and bathroom contractors?

At Endless Life Design Construction Company, we specialize in completing both commercial and residential kitchens and bathrooms remodeling and renovation construction projects. Located in Coral Gables, Florida, our licensed team offers comprehensive services for transforming kitchens and bathrooms. Whether you are looking for licensed expert commercial or residential kitchen and bathroom contractors for a commercial space or your home, our company focuses on delivering licensed high-quality construction solutions tailored to your needs. Feel free to reach out to us for a consultation or further information on our services.

Can kitchen and bathroom contractors also do any other millwork cabinetry work in areas such as the laundry room, utility room, storage room and office room?

Absolutely! Count on us on any millwork wood cabinetry work. Many kitchen and bathroom contractors, like us at Endless Life Design Construction Company, have expertise beyond those specific areas. We often handle various millwork and cabinetry projects, including laundry rooms, utility rooms, storage areas, office spaces, wine cellar room, walk - in closets, and any home storage furniture. Our team specializes in creating customized solutions to suit your life, whether it's optimizing space in a storage room or designing functional cabinetry for an office. Don't hesitate to discuss your specific requirements with us – we're here to bring your vision to life across various spaces in your home or commercial property.

What do kitchen and bathroom contractors do?

Kitchen and bathroom contractors are the backbone of transformative home or commercial space renovations. These specialists possess a multifaceted skill set encompassing design prowess, construction labor, technical expertise, and project management finesse. Kitchen and bathroom contractors meticulously orchestrate the intricate dance of construction labor, demolition, installation, and finishing touches, ensuring that every faucet, tile, cabinet, and fixture fits seamlessly clean into the envisioned space. From plumbing intricacies to electrical re - routings; to mechanical re - locations and crafting bespoke cabinetry; these professionals bring dreams to life; wielding their craftsmanship to not only elevate aesthetics but also enhance life quality, functionality and needs. Kitchen and bathroom contractors are the artisans who sculpt the heart and soul of these spaces, infusing them with a blend of practicality and exquisite design, ultimately turning visions into tangible, breathtaking experiences and realities.

Can I do a commercial kitchen in home?

Yes, it's possible to create a commercial kitchen in home. Is very normal to see commercial kitchen in home such as big mansions, big villas  and big houses. To do commercial kitchen in home there are several factors to consider:

Space: Commercial kitchens are typically larger than residential ones, so you'll need adequate space for various appliances, workstations, storage, and potentially a larger number of people working simultaneously.

Appliances: Commercial kitchens often have specialized appliances like industrial-grade stoves, ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers. These can be larger, more powerful, and more expensive than typical residential ones.

Ventilation: Commercial kitchens require powerful ventilation systems to handle the heat, smoke, and odors produced during cooking. Upgrading your ventilation might be necessary to meet these demands.

Codes and Regulations: Depending on your location, there may be zoning laws, health codes, and regulations that govern the setup of a commercial kitchen in a residential space. Make sure to research and comply with these requirements.

Cost: Creating a commercial kitchen in home can be expensive. Consider your budget and weigh the costs of equipment, remodeling, and any necessary permits or modifications.

Purpose: Determine why you want a commercial kitchen. If it's for personal use and you enjoy cooking elaborately or frequently entertain large groups, a well-equipped residential kitchen might suffice without the need for a full commercial setup.

Consulting with a professional kitchen designer or contractor who specializes in commercial kitchen in home can provide valuable insights and help you make informed decisions based on your specific needs and space limitations. 

Commercial kitchen in home tends to use the full set of industrial commercial appliances where most of these industrial commercial appliances are doubled installed like for example: 2 industrial ranges or stoves, 2 industrial dishwashers, 2 separate sinks, 2 ovens, 1 additional cooktop and any giant industrial design addition possible.

Which areas do you provide kitchen remodeling services to?

We provide kitchen remodeling services to Miami, Broward and Palm Beach County. You can also count on us as: 

  • Kitchen Remodel Coral Gables, Florida

  • Kitchen Renovations Services Coral Gables, Florida

  • Kitchen Remodel Coral Gables

  • Kitchen Cabinet Renovations Coral Gables, Florida

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Companies Coral Gables, Florida

  • Kitchen Remodelers Coral Gables, Florida

  • Kitchen Remodeler Coral Gables, Florida

  • Kitchen Remodeling Fort Lauderdale

What customization can I do to a kitchen?

We can customize 100% a kitchen project for you. To name a few we can do:

  • Custom Commercial Remodeling

  • Custom Home Improvement

  • Custom Commercial Kitchen Remodeling

  • Custom Commercial Kitchen Renovation

  • Custom Residential Kitchen Remodeling

  • Custom Residential Kitchen Renovation

  • Custom Commercial Bathroom Remodeling

  • Custom Commercial Bathroom Renovation

  • Custom Residential Bathroom Remodeling

  • Custom Residential Bathroom Renovation

  • Custom Millwork

  • Custom Commercial Millwork

  • Custom Millwork near me

  • Custom Millwork Shop

  • Commercial Kitchen Cabinets

  • Custom Residential Kitchen Cabinets

  • Custom Size Cabinets

  • Custom Kitchen Cabinets

  • Custom Made Kitchen Island

  • Custom Kitchen Islands with Seating

  • Custom U Shaped Kitchen with Island

  • Custom U Shaped Kitchen with Peninsula

  • Custom U Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

  • Custom U-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

  • Custom L Shaped Kitchen Island

  • Custom T Shaped Kitchen Island

  • Custom Glass for Cabinet Doors

  • Custom Kitchen Sink

  • Custom Kitchen Island Storage Bench

If I display cabinet with glass doors will visitors always see whats inside the cabinet?

When you display cabinet with glass doors does not necessarily means your visitors will always see what is inside your cabinet. There an array of different types of glasses can be used in cabinet glass doors such as: clear glass, tinted glass, mirror glass, frosted or textured glass, seeded glass, leaded glass, colored glass, mullion glass. To hide what is inside the cabinet use dark tinted glass.

Display cabinet with glass doors is a luxurious kitchen addition looks even more beautiful when additionally installing built - in led strip or recessed can lighting system inside the cabinet. Glass cabinet door is mostly used in top or wall cabinets rather than on bottom or base cabinets due mistakenly with your knee or else you can hit a bottom or base glass cabinet door injure yourself while damaging the glass cabinet door. 

Upper kitchen cabinets with glass doors tend to also use interior glass shelves instead of the standard interior wood shelves.

Does an outdoor kitchen contractor also hauls away all the existing debris?

Yes outdoor kitchen contractors offer debris removal as part of their services, but it's essential to clarify this beforehand. An outdoor kitchen contractor typically includes the cleanup and disposal of construction debris as part of her/his overal