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Image of New Luxury Royal Classic King and Queen Bedroom 3D Architecture Design Color Renderings with Rectangle 4 Tall Columns Green Royal Canopy Bed; Green Royal Bed Bench, 2 Night Tables, 2 Table Lamps,  1 Chandelier, Cream Light Brown Gold Material Color Palette, Royal Classic Bas Relief Wall Architecture and Sculpture. 3D Interior Architecture, 3D Interior Design, 3D Color Hyper Realistic Perspective Renderings Services Construction Project Available. Book us today! Call us at: (305) 680-3283.

New Custom 3D Interior Design Service

Initial Down Payment

  • 3 hr
  • From 450 US dollars
  • Custom

Service Description

Custom 3D Interior Design Plans Service briefly include any Construction Style, Type, Sector, Project: Style: 1)-Royal 2)-Renaissance 3)-Victorian 4)-Baroque 5)-Eclecticism 6)-Gothic 7)-Greek 8)-Byzantine 9)-Roman 10)- Dutch 11)- Federal 12)- Rococo 13)- High End Modern 14)- Mediterranean Initial Phases: o Professional Advice and Guidance o Site Visit o Site Measure o Interior Design Questionnaire: o Exact Interior Design Goals Expectations Customer has (Style, Color Palette, Metal Color, Furniture Color, Furniture Type, Layout, Concept, Total Area Sq. Ft., Material Selection, Floor Plan, Product Display Floor Plan) o Discuss New Scope of Work List o Discuss Deadline o Set Customer Company Values and Design 3D Interior Design: o Trips to Site o Customer can do 3 FREE Minimal Changes (Can be through Meeting, Phone Call or Email) o Space Analysis Planning o Floor Plans o Dimension Floor Plans o Elevations o Dimension Elevations o Sections o Dimension Sections o Electrical Connections o Plumbing Connections o Mechanical Connections o Perspectives o Furniture Layout Plan o Electrical Layout Plan o Plumbing Layout Plan o Lighting Layout Plan o Custom 3D Design Products o Schematic Design o Digital Power Point Presentation Document o Specifications o 3D Design o 2D Design o Isometrics o Interior Detailing o Lighting Design o Diagrams o Equipment Design - Equipment Model #s o Hardware Design o Molding, Trims, Framings Design o 3 provided Interior Design Project Options: How customer wants it to a T; How we professional suggest it to a T; Combination of how customer - we decide is best to a T. o Hyper Realistic 3D Color Perspective Renders o Interior Design Project Weekly Update Follow up Meetings – (Office Meetings; Zoom Meetings) Entire Products Inventory Price List Source Document Service: o We will source and provide to customer Entire Products Inventory Price List Source Document Service for entire respective 1600 Sq. Ft. Full Interior Design Project. o Customer FREE of charge can do 3 minimal changes of products. (Can be done through Meeting, Phone Call or Email) o We will provide to customer several options for each new product. o Where possible and needed; New Products Inventory List Samples will be brought and shown to customer for test and comparison. o Budgeting Control Management o Interior Selection Procurement o New Entire Products Inventory Price List - Images Mood Board Digital Power Point Presentation PDF Document Meetings - Digital Zoom M.

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