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What makes a Licensed General Contractor a good Kitchen Remodel General Contractor?

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Endless Life Design is the # 1 Top Best Kitchen Remodel Renovation General Contractor Services Company in Miami Dade County, South Florida in 2022 because we care about you and give you what you want in your New Kitchen Project. We are honest to you and transparently share information to you about Construction Industry Prices and Materials.

Not only does Endless Life Design has over 20 years of experience in whether Kitchen Remodel or Custom Kitchen Project but we carry the most beautiful materials and products combination from Bamboo cabinets to concrete countertop and Luxurious Cabinets' interior organizers accessories kit.

We expertise in unlimited way in Customization and Design. To be the best Kitchen Remodel Company in Miami Dade County in 2022 it requires exaggerated Construction Kitchen Expertise Knowledge involves Government Permits; General Contractor work; Wall Demolition; Wall Construction; City Code Electrical Update; City Code Plumbing Update; City Code Building Update; City Code Mechanical Update; Petrology Knowledge; Space Planning; Gauge knowledge; Creative Studio Design; Appliance Knowledge and much more.

You do not want your kitchen looking like your nearest neighbor. You want your kitchen looking better than your nearest neighbor.

Construction Projects as we all know it is a very detailed long Construction Project takes a long time.

Next are Custom Kitchen Cabinets Countertop Remodel Design Project key questions will help a lot of you save a lot of time, money, make better decisions and most important of all have a perfect Kitchen Project:

What is a Kitchen Cabinets Remodel?

A Kitchen Remodel is a Custom Kitchen Project specifically points to only replacing old products for new products. This means changing only: cabinets; stone quartz, granite or marble countertop; sink; faucet; Cabinets Integrated LED Lighting System; retouching repainting walls; refinishing floor tiles. You can add a new kitchen island or new kitchen peninsula if wanted. You can expand or reduce the size of the kitchen.

No wall demolition nor nothing complex. No electrical update; no plumbing update; no mechanical update.

How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen in Miami?

Starting price bracket for Full Kitchen Remodel in Miami costs between $32,000-$70,000.00 and includes:

  • Full Labor: Demolition And Haul Away of existing kitchen.

  • New Cabinets

  • New Marble, Quartz or Granite Countertop

  • 5 new Appliances

  • New sink and faucet

  • New Kitchen Cabinets Integrated LED Lighting System

  • Retouching; repainting walls

  • Refinishing floor tiles

  • New Kitchen Cabinets' interior organizers accessories Kit

  • Premium Wood Plywood Construction

  • Kitchen cabinets with glass doors

  • Kitchen cabinets with metal frame doors

Can a Kitchen Remodel General Contractor do a Kitchen Remdodel for $5000?

$5,000.00 will barely only change a few of your cabinets. You have to choose between:

  1. If is a standard size kitchen (10 feet x 10 feet) you can replace old cabinets for new cabinets.

  2. If is a standard size kitchen (10 feet x 10 feet) you can change old countertop for new countertop. (Countertop Phase average time takes to complete is 5 weeks).

In what order should you remodel a kitchen?

Chronological Steps of Kitchen Remodel:

  1. Government Permits

  2. Survey (if applicable)

  3. Soil Test (if applicable)

  4. Licensed Engineering, Architecture and Interior Design Plans

  5. Demolition and Haul Away of Existing kitchen

  6. Demolition and Haul Away of Existing Floor in entire property

  7. New Products Sourcing, Purchase, Delivery and Installation

  8. Installation of New Floor in entire property

  9. Full Installation of New Kitchen Remodel

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Following the chronological steps when in the future renovating the kitchen again; you do not have to change the floors in the whole property at all.

Are kitchen remodels worth it?

Unless you want to live with cockroachs of course is worth it. Kitchen Remodels are totally worth it. Not because we sell Kitchen Remodels but because they are plainly beautiful. Each Kitchen Remodel Studio Creative Design is unique and brings a positive aura and vibe full of life and happiness to your home. 2022 Construction Kitchen Specialty Trends Magazine are filled with new Construction Kitchen Specialty informs you what goes matches and what doesn't match in a Kitchen Remodel. In 2022 is used a lot bamboo cabinets covered with light smooth concrete countertops or Calacatta Marble Countertops and stainless steel flush counter depth appliances.

Is it worth upgrading kitchen before selling?

Of course is totally worth it to upgrade kitchen before selling property because it brings monetary value and life to your property. Kitchen Remodel before selling most likely enhances you to match continue remodel through out the property before selling which creates a uniformed Interior Design inside your property helps you hugely sell the property faster and at a higher cost.

What kitchen upgrades that add value?

  1. Luxury High End Appliances Brands

  2. Solid Wood Cabinets

  3. Marble Countertop

  4. Kitchen Cabinets Integrated LED Light System

  5. Kitchen Cabinets' Interior Organizers Accessories Kit

  6. Kitchen's wall/ceiling precious stone gemstone or wood paneling

  7. Accent Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

  8. Undermount Kitchen Sink

What costs the most in a kitchen remodel?

It depends:

  1. If you can afford to pay the most expensive Kitchen Remodel Project; then all the products are luxury therefor of equally extreme high cost.

  2. If you put more priority to best products than least products then cabinets, appliances and countertop are the 3 top products cost the most in a Kitchen Remodel Project.

Do you need Government Permits for Kitchen Remodel in Miami in 2022?

City of Miami requires Government Permits to Remodel Kitchen. If you do not comply with Government to pay Government Permits to do your Kitchen Remodel in City of Miami; we will not do your Kitchen Remodel Project. Understand City of Miami will make it very hard on you including cutting electricity to prevent Kitchen Remodel from completing and even if you buy an Electricity Generator; in the end you will have to pay Government Permits for Kitchen Remodel.

In Miami Dade County if you do a Kitchen Remodel will keep same layout; most likely you do not require to pay Government Permits. Remember you do not live alone in this planet.

Also in the case you have 2 different Construction Companies working at the same time in your house know Construction Professionals have Licenses protect very seriously. If one Construction Company is doing illegal or wrong work; City of Miami will inspect your property through Construction Project. Since City of Miami possibly wont be able to know which Construction Company made the mistake; City of Miami will stop your entire Construction Project in your property delaying your Construction Project adding whoever did the mistake will lose her/his Licenses and also property owner gets fined.

What is a Custom Kitchen Project?

Any Custom Design Style Look Kitchen Project an Engineer, Architect and General Contractor Design and Build.

Which Styles do you Design for Kitchen Remodel or Custom Kitchen Project?

We Design all types of Styles for Kitchen Remodel and Custom Kitchen Project. We Design anything Custom.

How much does a Kitchen Countertop Project average costs?

A Kitchen Countertop Project costs between $7,000.00 - $23,000.00.

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All these keypoints are what makes a Licensed General Contractor a good Kitchen Remodel General Contractor. We hope this information helped you understand better the steps of a Kitchen Remodel and Custom Kitchen Project. We will continuously press blog publish information regarding Kitchen Remodel and Custom Kitchen Project. Stain in touch.

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