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Best New Commercial or Residential Kitchen Remodel Renovation Construction Project Practices List

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Endless Life Design has over 20 years of experience building Full Custom Luxurious Kitchen Remodel Construction Projects. A Kitchen Project is one of the most fun Construction Projects made in the Construction Industry because is a room cooks food for us and food makes us happy. Who doesn't like food? I love food. I believe the mouth was designed to eat what sustains us alive. Therefor the kitchen is a very enjoyable Kitchen Construction Project.

With food we are happy and lovable. Therefor Endless Life Design loves creating endless options to design, remodel or build from scratch from beginning to end with our eyes closed a full Kitchen Project.

First we want to educate to you a Construction Project is a very serious detailed time consuming Construction Project. The Kitchen Project has several overall steps for completion:

Best New Kitchen Remodel Project Practices and Steps List

1)- Site Analysis: This is the stage where Endless Life Design goes to your property and analyses your kitchen. Your Kitchen Analysis will include all Architecture Measures, Water Connections, Electrical Connections, Plumbing Connections, Mechanical Connections, Dimension Floor Plan, Cabinet Layout Floor Plan, Soffit Planogram; wall analysis to detect humidity, cracks, corrosion, water leaking inside walls to determine walls need to be demolished and rebuilt first in order to begin putting in new cabinets and new products. These are just a few of the errands will be submitted to one of our architects to complete your Kitchen Project.

2)- The following step is the customer will go through several appointments with our assigned architect in the pertaining Kitchen Project to best select the new materials, colors, products, layout, stone countertop, hardware (kitchen faucet), undermount sink, appliances, cabinets, backsplash, wall paint selection, floor tile selection, lighting selection so forth product wise. The time a Custom Full Kitchen Project takes depends on how much a customer trusts Endless Life Design. Frankly honest transparency and honesty is our solid foundation. We Endless Life Design do not want to waste your time nor do we want any customer to waste our time. Selection of products accommodating customer's schedule and Endless Life Design's schedule can range between 3 weeks to 4 weeks.

A Kitchen Construction Project is a Culinary Art Scenario full of intricate details only a dedicated Career Experienced Architect can achieve like for example Gaggenau Modular Combo Ventilation Cooktop:

Endless Life Design Modular Cooking Integrated Downdraft Ventilation System

Endless Life Design wanted to clear as water educate our customers in which construction products in reference to a Custom Kitchen Project are best highest quality. Marble is one of the highest quality stone in existence. Whomever is TRYING to sell you man made Quartz stone is TRYING to steal your money. A Business peace of advice; when you enter 99% of the Companies in existence to purchase a product; to 99% of the Companies you are symbol dollar and nothing else. Endless Life Design goes beyond seeing you as a dollar and provides the highest quality of Construction Services and Products. Next we will educate ourselves what is highest quality and what is lowest quality. The only way no one can fool you from now on about which stone is best for kitchen stone countertop is to watch the next video will tell you which stone is one of the best stones for kitchen stone countertop. Watch the process how natural stone is made:


Marble is one of the highest quality best natural stones for Custom Kitchen Project. Whomever tries to sell you man made quartz for your kitchen stone countertop; run. Man made Quartz chips out and breaks extremely easy. An easy comparison is man made Quartz lasts 25 years vs natural marble that lasts over 70 years. Not only that; marble is naturally made in all colors.

In continuation of steps to complete a Custom Kitchen Project are:

4)- Design Phase of Custom Kitchen Project (Kitchen Reface) which involves several appointments between customer an architect designer.

5)- Endless Life Design's Custom Kitchen Project Installation Team will visit property again to compare New Design to the physical kitchen space and approve all measurements and specifications are correct prior to fabrication and installation of products. This step is so called Final Plan Check.

6)- For some reason sometimes and sometimes not Government requires Government Permits from customer in order for customer to begin a Custom Kitchen Project. This could be due to New Custom Kitchen Project needs approval from Government prior to opening any severe structure hole in ground could example become a water flood leaking and affect your neighbor. Being the case the customer's Custom Kitchen Project requires Government Permits in order to begin the customer's Custom Kitchen Project; Endless Life Design will do the Government Permits for the customer. Is good to plan ahead since Custom Kitchen Project's Government Permits take average 2 months to get approved. Government Permits are required depending on the type and severity of the Custom Kitchen Project, location. In the case the Custom Kitchen Project does not require Government Permits in order to begin the Custom Kitchen Project; the Custom Kitchen Project will run really smoothly and be completed much quicker. A good note to have is you do not need Government Permits to buy construction products but often you do need Government Permits to do a New Custom Kitchen Project in reference to the labor service of the Custom Kitchen Project.

7)- Is advised to plan ahead due Demolition Stage of old kitchen puts a lot of dust in the air with A/C gets in your food, bedroom, pets so forth. Endless Life Design takes care of all from dust to pets. Yet is always good to know more.

8)- Final Plan Check is sent to assigned architect and Labor Cost is completed to provide together to customer for approval.

9)- Customer approves proposed New Custom Kitchen Project's Estimated Cost and completes full payment of New Custom Kitchen Project.

10)- Once customer completes full payment of New Custom Kitchen Project; the custom products' fabrication begins followed by delivery followed by installation.

Like mentioned before there are many important key roles parts in a New Custom Kitchen Project. Always using different elements immensely easier helps to achieve the completion of the New Custom Kitchen Project. Endless Life Design provides all Custom Construction Design Styles from Neoclassical, Rococo, High End Modern, Classic, Royal, Colonial, Ibiza, Beach, Gothic, Egyptian, Renaissance, Victorian, Romanesque, Beaux-Arts, Byzantine, Baroque, Mediterranean, International, Romanesque, Art Nouveau, High Tech or your chosen style.

Jumping into what is the average New Full Custom Kitchen Project's Cost a good starting point for a New Full Modern Kitchen Project is $5,000.00 - $24,000.00.

A more wood handcrafted going more to New Full Royal Classic Kitchen Project starting price ranges from $50,000.00 - $90,000.00.

Customer is always free to select entire Project or partial Project.

There are 2 types of Kitchen Projects:

1)- New Full Kitchen Project

2)- Reface Kitchen Project (Only what needs to be changed is changed)

There is also several names for a Kitchen Project based in the complexity of the Kitchen Project; from most complex to most simple Kitchen Projects below are the names:

1)- Custom Kitchen Project (complex). Complexity Level: demolishing existing walls and building new walls.

2)- Kitchen Remodel Project (easy). How easy: Just changing old cabinets and old countertop for new cabinets and new countertop.

3)- Kitchen Renovation Project (easy). Same as Kitchen Remodel Project.

4)- Kitchen Reface/Makeover Project (easy). Changing only what needs to be changed.

There are many Home Improvement Construction Projects you can do around your property will make you happier. For reference a New Custom Bathroom Project is similar to a New Custom Kitchen Project. Construction is an Industry takes a long time to complete a Construction Project. Procrastination is paid painfully in terms of health. It is important to reinforce healthy habits. Schedule your Initial Consultation with us and let us smoothly complete your New Custom Kitchen Project. Practice Best New Kitchen Remodel Construction Project Practices List for best results!

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